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Welcome to my EdTech learning log. I am excited to get started and look forward to seeing how this page grows and changes. My EdTech learning log will be an ongoing and ever changing workspace where I will collect the finest examples I am able to produce using the skills I have gained throughout the M.E.T. graduate program.

This space will be begin as a workshop where I can collect and reflect on the work I complete in each of the core and elective classes I take during my time in the EdTech program. Over time I will modify, shape, and enhance these artifacts and reflections into my final eportfolio that I will present as proof I have mastered the necessary skills to earn my graduate degree in the M.E.T. program.

For those of you joining me in this journey I look forward to working with you while we all grow and learn to hone our skills and make them as effective as possible.



One thought on “Welcome!”

  1. Hello Scott, I think you Learning Log is organized and I like the design. What I liked most is your aspiration as a teacher. “I want to remove the feeling of uncertainty and replace it with a feeling of confidence that I can convey to my students, as well as assist my colleagues to better use technology in their classrooms.” Well stated Scott!


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