EdTech Research

researchFor “EdTech Research” I was asked to conduct research on an educational technology topic of my choice and create an annotated bibliography. I chose to research 1:1 computing programs, which is a program where each student in a classroom has access to their own internet enable device, such as a laptop, tablet, or other device. In order to research this topic properly it was necessary to find reliable resources that could be trusted. To accomplish this, I relied on peer-reviewed research studies, which allowed me to feel confident that the information I was reviewing was legitimate. Peer-reviewed articles go through a process to ensure the information is quality work that adheres to editorial standards. For this assignment I was asked to format my annotated bibliography in APA format. I learned that APA format is a commonly accepted format for professional articles, which provides a uniform presentation of information that can easily be understood by other professionals. Overall, this project has taught me how to identify quality information that can help me make better decisions for my future classroom.

Click here to view my complete annotated bibliography.


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