EDTECH Professional Ethics

AECT Professional Ethics

For “Professional Ethics” I was required to identify a scenario or topic in educational
technology that connected to the AECT professional code of ethics. I chose to research BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) programs in schools. During my research I found that there are a number of ethical issues related to BYOD programs that can be addressed by using the professional code of ethics in the manner it was intended.  Many of the issues I discovered during my research are things I had never considered in the past, such as concerns over intellectual property concerning copyright ownership for content created on student owned devices. Many of the disadvantages I discovered are issues that we encounter regardless of the manner we seek to incorporate technology into the classroom. BYOD programs provide a number of great advantages that help close the digital divide gap and give teachers and students additional tools to create engaging instructional activities.

Overall, I find it very challenging to evaluate ethical issues with educational technology as there is often compelling evidence in differing directions that makes it difficult to know for certain what the proper course of action is. I think this will likely continue to be the case as technology and how people use it is constantly changing and progressing. Just as all students learn at their own rate and in their own ways, students are able to handle technology at different rates and in different ways. This makes it even more critical for teachers and administrators to carefully consider how they integrate technology into classrooms in their school. Considering the ethical questions related to educational technology is an excellent way to ensure you are choosing how and when technology should be used in the classroom.



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