School Evaluation Summary


For “Technology Use Planning” I was tasked with evaluating a technology use plan for a school or business. Since I am not currently working for a school or business with a technology use plan, I selected one I found online to evaluate. To evaluate the plan I used the Maturity Model Benchmarks Rubric, which is broken into different categories including an administrative filter, curricular filter, support filter, connectivity filter, and innovation filter, each of which is broken into subcategories. This rubric allows us to evaluate the thoroughness of the technology use plan by assigning a maturity stage achieved in each category.

I was surprised by the scope of processes, plans, and details that must be worked out in order to create a successful plan. I understand now that creating a successful plan requires the participation of all stakeholders in the planning and implementation of a technology plan. There’s not an area of the school that’s not impacted in some way when integrating technology into a school. Acquiring the technology is only one small piece of the plan needed to integrate technology across all content areas at all grade levels. There’s not one set way to integrate technology, but rather a multitude of ways that need to be catered to the culture and goals of the school and district where they are meant to be implemented. In order to be successful, it’s important to be purposeful in the manner in which technology is integrated.

I also learned that in order to evaluate a technology use plan, it’s important to truly understand the culture of the community where the plan is going to be used. Some of the categories in the rubric require background knowledge and information that cannot be found just by searching online. In order to fairly evaluate a technology plan, it’s important to be able to recognize possible obstacles to the successful implementation of the plan.

Evaluation Summary 

Maturity Benchmark Survey Sheet


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