Impact of Technology Trends on Instructional Presentation



The 2016 K-12 NMC/CoSN Horizon Report is an annual report that identifies trends in technology use and emerging technologies in education. After reviewing the report and considering my second grade classroom I have determined that my technology integration in mathematics is still lagging behind where it needs to be. It’s important to find more ways to provide a student centered learning environment where students have control over their learning and can explore math in their own ways. Creating an environment where students can be creators as suggested in the report I feel is more difficult in math than other content areas, but it’s important to find the tools to be able to help my students achieve the highest level of success possible.  This can also be aided by creating collaborative learning situations so students can use each other in their explorations of content and also be the teachers and share what they have learned with their classmates. It will be important that I don’t force things and make sure I am using the appropriate technologies and not forcing things simply for the sake of integrating technology into my classroom. For math many of the tools available are online drill and practice and self-paced programs that use placement assessments to create a customized learning path for students which is very useful. It may be that technology can be used to increase engagement in math rather than just supplying instruction. For parent teacher conferences coming up in February every teacher has been tasked with creating a short presentation to send to parents in Class DOJO, which is an online behavior managements system that also provides communication tools for students and parents. This will be a perfect time to see what students can come up with to use technology to engage with math using technology. There are so many amazing things that technology can help us achieve and referencing this report is a great way to stay current on trends and emerging technologies.


3 thoughts on “Impact of Technology Trends on Instructional Presentation”

  1. Math is really hard to include with subjects such as Literacy, Science, etc since math involves a lot of drills and practice. But math does come with a lot of problem-solving which could potentially be really fun to explore using technology. Have you used Desmos yet?


  2. I think the most important part of integrating technology you summed up by stating that you want to use appropriate technologies and not force technology for technolgy’s sake. It will probably take some trial and error and experimentation to find the right resources for your students in order to help facilitate the best learning environment.


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