Relative Advantage of Using Multimedia in the Classroom


Today we are going to discuss the relative advantage of using multimedia in the classroom. Never before have there been so many different multimedia tools available as today. Videos, music, presentation, Power Point, screencasts, YouTube, and the list goes on and on. Many of the different classroom models depend on multimedia content, which use to need to be created by professionals, but can now be created and shared by anyone (roblyer, 214-215). The use of multimedia increases student engagement by providing a medium that allows teachers to present content in more interesting ways. Multimedia also allows teachers to present content in different ways, which provides students with different learning styles the opportunity to learn the content in different ways. Multimedia also provides students with new ways of showing their mastery of content. According to Sosnowski, “A major advantage to using multimedia sources in the classroom is the ability to bring in images, sounds and videos without leaving the room. Computer programs and internet sites can also give students experiences that might ordinarily be unsafe, such as views from scaling mountains in a geography lesson or a dissection of a rare animal” (2017). So often students get to have things described or explained to them, but rarely do they get to experience the content they are studying. Multimedia provides students with a much more realistic experience that can be carefully crafted by the teacher as they explore the content in a meaningful way that provides students with new insights they may not otherwise have been able to achieve through traditional instruction. In the future with the continued work in virtual reality and other technologies, the student experience and interaction with content will only become and more realistic and anytime we can create a more authentic learning experience for our students, the better the learning experience will be.

Roblyer, M.D. (2016). Integrating educational technology into teaching (7th Ed.). Allyn & Bacon

Sosnowski, J. (n.d.). Advantages & Disadvantages of Schools Using Multimedia. Retrieved February 18, 2017, from


One thought on “Relative Advantage of Using Multimedia in the Classroom”

  1. Being able to bring in outside real world images and videos is one of the main factors that makes multimedia beneficial in my opinion. Classrooms can become stale and detached from the topics that are being taught in them. However, having the ability to quickly and easily transport students outside the classroom helps builds engagement and supports student learning improvement.


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