Final Blog Entry

Part 1
Through the course of this semester I have learned about different methods of integrating technology into my classroom in ways I had not thought of in the past. Using the grade level I teach on a daily basis allowed me to envision how the lessons I created could help me cover content material in more engaging ways. I also found a lot of new resources that provide not only lessons that I can use, but also explain the theory and rationale behind using them. This not only provides me with ready lesson plans, but also gives me the background information to apply the theories and concepts to other lessons. One of the greatest things I have learned is to look at the advantages of using different types of technology. I feel it’s important to use technology purposefully.
The coursework has required students to show mastery of the AECT Standards in numerous ways. In order to complete the course work it has been necessary to understand the theory behind different strategies of integrating technology into the classroom in order to choose the appropriate tools and resources to accomplish the goals of each module. Once the theory was understood it was then necessary to implement that understanding into a working lesson or activity. The quality of the activity showed whether we had an appropriate understanding of the theory. Before, during, and after creation of lessons and activities it was necessary to consider the role technology would play during instruction. Considering the relative advantage of technology integration ensured that technology usage was done for the purpose of enhancing the lesson and not just for the sake of using technology. Through completion of the course work it was required that we use research to support the strategies that we implemented in our lessons and activities as well as writing blog posts that required a minimum of two sources to support the conclusions we reached.
Professionally I have grown in regards to the way I approach technology integration. While I have always believed that it’s important to not simply use technology for the sake of using it, I didn’t have as strong a foundation as I needed in order to properly evaluate my methods of integration. Also, I have gained exposure to a lot of new quality tools that I can use to enhance my lessons and improve student engagement and performance.

Part 2
Based on the requirements of the blog posting rubric I feel that my blog posts were of outstanding quality. I used multiple resources for all posts and wrote in a reflective manner that integrated information from my own personal experience as well as from my understandings of the readings and other resources that were a part of the course. All of my posting were done in a timely manner that provided other students with an opportunity to respond to my posting. My responses to classmate’s posts advanced the discussion and provided information that enhanced that discussion.


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