Using Twitter for Professional Development

This week we were asked to follow at least five new hashtags on twitter in an effort to better understand the role Twitter can play in our ongoing professional development. For this project I chose to follow #edchat, #math, #K12, #dojochat, @middleschool. In addition to following the five new hashtags, we were also asked to discuss three new things, resources, or ideas we learned by following the new hashtags. Lastly, we were asked to discuss our thoughts about using twitter for just-in-time professional development.

Through #edchat I found an additional list of 50 popular educational hashtags. While some of these are the same as the ones provided in the course resources, there are many additional resources available. I’m a firm believer in having as many resources as possible so you can select the most appropriate resources to fit your needs. I was especially excited about finding #HourOfCode, which had a lot of great coding resources. Coding is popular among students and is a great skill for 21at century learners to acquire. If you would like to check out the additional list, visit

At #middleschool I found this great blog that discussed different end of year topics. This included end of year classroom management tips, end of year assignments and lesson plans, special end of year activities, and end of year teacher reflection. The end of year teacher reflections was what I found most interesting from this resource. Not only did it discuss a format for the reflection, but it also gives an example so you can see how it’s intended to work. I also found it useful that this resource has additional links to blogs for different content areas and different aspect of middle school life.

Lastly, I found #dojochat to be extremely helpful to find new ways to utilize the Class Dojo app/website to keep students engaged both in school and out of school. Class Dojo is a continually evolving program. This hashtag provides educators a way to share new ways they are using Class Dojo in their classrooms. They also hold chat sessions on different specific topics related to using Class Dojo.

After getting just a small taste of the type of resources and information available on Twitter I’m very excited to see what else I can discover and how I can use it to become a more effective educator. From what I have seen so far there a lot of great opportunities to find resources, participate in discussions, and connect with other educators. The amount of resources available is amazing and I know as I become more proficient in their use I will be able to maximize the impact of using Twitter for my own professional development.


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