10 Strategies For Creating a Positive Professional Online Presence


3 thoughts on “10 Strategies For Creating a Positive Professional Online Presence”

  1. Hi Scott – Nice presentation. I wonder a little about the concept of branding yourself. Sometimes it appears to me that some individuals are more concerned with their brand than they are with the actual work they are promoting themselves for. Has anyone else noticed this?


  2. Great post Scott! I really liked your plan as a whole, but one slide that really stuck out was the “Alert!” slide. That is such a great idea to set up an alert system that allows you to know when information about you is posted. It could easily help you know what’s found on google rather than just googling your name every so often. I also liked how you said “quality over quantity” was important. I think it is so true that you need to be committed to the sites you choose to post on to help you keep it up to date. Great job overall!


  3. Scott, well done! You have some great points that I have not seen on many others. One of your points that I really like is “Quality over Quantity.” Everything we do post does create a digital footprint and if you don’t plan to keep the site up to date it may not be the best idea to create it. The other reference that you make that you make that really caught my eye is under “You Are Not Just a Person.” It is very true though, the things you post online really do create your brand. For some who you may not interact with daily this may be who they believe you to be. Excellent post and very unique!


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