Criteria to Assess Effective Curation

For this week’s assignment we were asked to work with our PLN group to create a checklist of fifteen to twenty criteria that will serve as a tool for assessing the quality and value of an education related curated topic. In order to complete this assignment it was necessary to use many of the steps contained within the checklist we were creating.

In the research section of our checklist we determine that it is important that sources are diverse, reliable, up to date, and contain sources that are cited. These are basics you would expect in any professional writing and help build trust when people are looking at your curation. Imagine if somebody pulls up your information and sees that everything you have included is twenty years old and unsourced. Education has changed a lot in the last twenty years, which means your information is not very useful to current educators. I think it is important for these items to be included if you want your curations to be taken serious regardless of the topic. This will also help build your credibility within the professional community. I think if you are going to create curations, you need to make sure you are fully committed to their creation or it may be difficult to gain followers and to be considered a source of quality information.

Our next section was directed towards the accessibility of your curation to other people. I especially liked how we included whether the curation is a benefit or of value to other people. If you don’t make your curation easily available to other people, why are you making it at all? Using a quality tool that is user friendly is one of the most important first steps. Choosing the appropriate tool can also impact the impact your curation has.

Lastly we covered the presentation of our curation which I like to think of as the visual appeal of the curation. The curation should be organized with categories, sub categories, and brief commentary. People don’t want to have to read everything in order to figure out if the information is what they are looking for. Organized chaos may work in your own personal life, but it has no place in a curation. Users want to find the information they are looking for quickly and easily.

In the end a quality online curation is the same as a museum display or an art show in a gallery. Your online curation needs to grab the attention of your intended audience and guide them through the information you are presenting. The summaries and commentary should be short and to the point so the reader knows whether they want to dig deeper. If users continually see you are providing quality work they will keep coming back for more as they begin to trust you and view you as a source of quality information and ideas.


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