Real Time and Live Virtual Professional Development

For this assignment we were asked to attend and participate in four webinars and four live Twitter chats to gain a better understanding of how these tools can be used for professional development. Below are the summaries and images for each of the webinars and chats I participated in.


1. Just finished a webinar with Jayme Linton called “Make Google Forms Work for You”. This was a great webinar on using Google Forms. It was helpful whether you are a new user or an experienced user. I especially loved the information about using a Google Form to set up quizzes. I found out I have been doing it all wrong for so long. I will be updating a lot of my existing forms to work better for me. I participated in the backchannel chat sharing some of the ways I have used Google Forms and reacted the information being provided in the webinar.

2. Session #6 Using Google Docs and More for Differentiated, Collaborative Reading Presented by: Nikki D Robertson was an amazing presentation of many different tools to use for both reading and writing. I think my brain may explode from the amount of information provided. Nikki went over not only Google Docs, but Google Slides as well and how to use different extensions that can help you differentiate your instruction. My favorite idea was using the comments on a Google Doc to provide links to tutorials and videos rather than simply telling a student what to fix. Nikki also provided a lot of great ideas for collaborative projects that student can work on using Google Slides and Docs. I participated in the backchannel chat by sharing resources and talking about ways that different features could be used.

3. Session #5 called 10 Google Search Tips to Help You Find the Info You Need Presented by: Paula Naugle was very informative in providing tools for using Google Search. Never before did I know you can find out whether the image you are looking to use is available for reuse. Did you know that you can search for information within a site through your google search? Did you know you can search different domains? There are so many ways to more effectively search it is amazing. I participated in the backchannel chat for this webinar by asking and answering questions about the information being provided in the webinar.

4. Session #4 called Amazing Digital Projects for All Students with Google Tools with Matt Bergman was amazing. I had no idea there were so many great tools available for integrating images into what you are doing. One of the coolest features I learned about was the historic view in Google maps which allows you to view images of a location at different times in the past. How cool is it that you can go to the site of an important event and see how it has changed over time. I was also surprised at the statistics on student’s retention when images are used versus when they are not used.

Twitter Chats

1. We had such an amazing Twitter chat tonight at #engagechat about perseverance. There were a lot of great discussion points about what it means, how to create it, and the impact it can have in the classroom. We talked about what perseverance means to us, which I commented that it means you keep going and having a growth mindset is so important to perseverance. We also discussed how perseverance can build confidence. I talked about how once you’ve climbed a mountain once, you will believe you can do it again and again. There was so much positive discussion, it was very uplifting. The best part of the discussion I my opinion was when we were discussing how to build a culture of perseverance. There as a lot of discussion about different strategies people used to model perseverance. This often boiled down to teachers modeling and discussing the behavior with students. This was a great chat and I encourage others to check it out in the future.

Twit 1

2. I think tonights chat at #recapchat was by far the best Twitter chat I have experienced. It was amazing!!! Tonights discussion was surrounded around student voice. Questions included: What does student voice mean to you? How can promoting student voice impact your class/school/local community? What are some non-tech ways we can encourage our students to get their voice heard? Are there specific tech tools you use to leverage student voice? Can promoting questioning and inquiry boost student voice? What might student voice look like for different types of learners? What are some ways that you currently promote student voice? Why is it important to focus on student voice in education? The discussion was extremely positive and everyone was in agreement about how important it is to promote student voice in the classroom. The most common strategy was giving students a choice in how they learn content and in how they express that learning. From using choice boards to using different tech tools to allow students to choose how they express their learning there were a ton of great suggestions. I participated in this chat by recommending resources to promote student voice in addition to talking about the use of portfolios and other strategies to promote student voice.

Twit 2

3. I participated in my first Twitter chat at #ARVRinEDU tonight about augmented and virtual reality in education and it was quite informative as well as kind of overwhelming. I felt like I was in a pace car trying to race in the Indianapolis 500. Tonight’s chat focused on getting up and running in AR and VR and how to collaborate. Things were flying so fast so it was hard to participate so I focused more on gathering resources. Many different resources were shared and I have listed those below. The main idea from this chat was that AR and VR is still very new and it’s a struggle to get people to try it out and see the potential that it has in the classroom. Many member of the chat indicated they are continuously looking for new way to integrate it into the class to show how effective it can be.

4. For my second Twitter chat I joined in #WeirdEd. This chat was a blast, though not necessarily directly education related. Tonight’s chat was a series of questions related to decompressing over the summer, which is very important. We discussed movies and books primarily. I really enjoyed this chat as I got to meet some energetic users that I decided to follow and I feel this will help build my PLN even as I was able to make personal connections with other educators who I am now following on my Twitter account as well as gaining some new followers myself. I put this into the investing in the future category of networking. Sometimes I think the best connections you make don’t start out on the education side. I will of course make sure I don’t have any more chats like this as that is not the main focus of our assignment. I participated by recommending books and engaging with members of the chat as the topics progressed. As I said before, I focused on making connections to expand my network.

Twit 5.png

Overall, the webinars and Twitter chats were an amazing experience which I plan on continuing to participate. Of all the professional development I have ever participated in I would say that the webinars and Twitter chats have been the most effective. There was so much information and ideas being shared. Everyone was excited to be there, which is not often the case in professional development offered by school administration. I also love that I can go back into the webinar or chat and retrieve information later or even contact the person who shared info and have a discussion with them. Lastly, I love how you can participate I so many different types of discussions in one day, which isn’t possible when you have to travel to in person training.


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