Social Media in Learning

For this assignment we were asked to curate a 10-15 resources list showing how social media has been implemented within our content area. This proved to be a challenging topic to curate due to the requirement that the resources could not include resources that just showed lists or simply ideas for implementing social media. I was up for the challenge though and I found some great ways that teachers have implemented social media into the math classroom.

When students think of math class, they typically think of solving endless problems in isolation or maybe occasionally in small groups. They may also think of a teacher standing at the whiteboard going over problem after problem. The examples I found show that math class does not have to be this way. Some of the best things I found are how social media was used to connect math to the real world and get students talking to each other about the content they were working on. Discussion in math is a powerful tool to allow students to share their thinking and work through parts of the concept they may be having difficulties with. Using social media this way also gives the students a chance to act as the teacher to their fellow students. One of the resources I found used social media to help students understand the vocabulary of math through the use blogging. Vocabulary is one of the area that is least focused on in math classes, but is also one of the most important things for students to understand.

It’s good to see successful ways social media has been implemented as you not only see what was done, but you can also find out obstacles that other teachers had and how they overcame them. This gives you a better idea about how you can use social media in your own lessons in an effective way. There are a lot of additional ideas available through a variety of sites that can be used to supplement the resources contained in my curation. The main benefits of using social media is that it allows you to create an environment that students are familiar with where they can share, chat, and work collaboratively while learning. The teachers in the resources I found leveraged the engaging aspects of social media to help students learn math content. Many of the teachers utilized popular social media sites like, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, but some of the teachers utilized less popular sites and software that they had access to in their schools. I think it’s important to remember this as using some social media sites can be intimidating to teachers. Utilizing existing software that teachers are more familiar with can allow them to get started and experiment before moving to more popular sites. The thing I think is most important to keep in mind is how social media connects your students and engages them in the content you are working on.

Below is a link to my curation:


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