Social Network Learning Final Reflection

Sharing final thoughts on a course always feels slightly overwhelming as I always fear I will forget a key component. Social network learning has been an amazing experience that brought me far more new experience than I ever expected. For this final posting I have been asked to share what I learned and what I plan to apply to my professional practice.

What I have learned from social network learning is that there is a side to social networking that is not often talked about and is being missed out on by a lot of people. The most impactful activity for me was when we were asked to participate in four webinars and four Twitter chats. This activity not only opened me up to a whole new type of professional development, but they taught me so much about the Google Suite and allowed me to make connections with other teachers that can continue to be a valuable resource. Participating in the webinars and Twitter chats also showed me how powerful a quality PLN can be in expanding my professional knowledge. These are both resources I will be continuing to use in the future. I not only gained valuable knowledge about ways to use webinars and Twitter for professional development, but the content within the webinars and chats will be invaluable as I begin a new teaching position as an elementary technology teacher.

I touched on how I found webinars and Twitter chats to be valuable tools in expanding my PLN, but I also learned a lot in how to be more purposeful in creating and utilizing my PLN. Before this class, if you had told me that I should consider myself a brand I would have thought you were crazy. Now, I understand what it means to create my brand and use that brand to advance my professional career.

Curation reminded me a lot of writing annotated bibliographies in past classes, but also showed me a new way to gather information to create resources for my students in new ways. Curation also provides me with an easy way to continue expanding on a topic and also creating subtopics to create truly comprehensive resources that are shared in real time. Curation can be used for broad topics or very specific ones. They can be become whatever I need them to be. Curation will also be a tool I plan to use in the future.

Another very interesting activity was finding ways to use social media as a learning strategy. There are so many great resources out there that show ways that social media have been effectively used in instruction. Teachers are always looking for new ways to engage students and social media offers a variety of ways to not only engage students. There are also a wide variety of tools so teachers in any type of classroom can utilize social media in their lessons.

Overall, this has been one of the most impactful classes I have taken as part of the M.E.T. program and I look forward to continuing many of the practices to be become more proficient in their use. This concludes my final reflection for this course. All of my blog posts for this course have been thorough and have met the requirements for this course. I feel I should receive seventy-five out of seventy-five points.


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