About Me

10646672_1067142049963102_2166541195790960362_nHi, my name is Scott Fledderjohann. I recently graduated from Boise State University with my bachelor degree in elementary education. I am working on my master of educational technology degree. I am a single father of two boys named Alex and Logan. I’m in the process of moving to Lawrenceville, Georgia, where I hope to earn my first teaching position. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my kids, reading, going on bike rides, watching movies, and taking road trips.

I am pursuing a master’s degree in education technology, because I feel that technology is the fastest growing tool in our classrooms. I also feel technology is not effectively utilized in classrooms. I want to ensure I am able to maximize the use of technology in my classroom in a way that enhances my student’s learning and takes it to a new level. Having spoken to other teachers, I think that many of us feel overwhelmed by technology and unsure of what we can and should do with the technology we have available to us. I want to remove the feeling of uncertainty and replace it with a feeling of confidence that I can convey to my students, as well as assist my colleagues to better use technology in their classrooms.